About Me

I was born in the extreme south of Brazil, land of the Brazilian gauchos and the Pampa. I studied Social Communication with authorization in Advertising and Propaganda.
My first scholarships in advertising agencies were at the beginning of 1995. Very early on my interest in computer science applied to photography and design made me start to study the different artistic movements and their influences in modern aesthetics as well as design graphic.

With the format of “Home Office” I have worked for a few years as a freelancer and subcontracted by local agencies. At the end of 1999 I made the first entertainment website in the southernmost region and then started my work as a web developer while serving my own clients. In the year of 2002 I was one of the founders of the web development and systems agency W28, which I have been an art director.

In commercial photography I worked with 35mm slides, photographs of musical artists for CD screens and magazines, editorials, revelation and enlargement of black and white in darkroom, as well as photographic coverage of events.

In 2006 I moved to Seville / Spain, where I live until today.

I have experience with Photoshop since its version 4 and with CorelDRAW since version 7. I play the electric guitar since 1988. I have almost been a professional musician. A fan of hard rock, heavy rock, blues, progressive rock and a passionate electric guitar.

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Skills & Expertise

Graphic Design
Being a cool guy