WordPress Maintenance

Why be constantly worried if your Web made in WordPress is operational, if your emails are working properly, or maybe you suffered an attack and do not realise yet that your Web is no longer working?



Services offered


The WordPress System is updated several times a year, being that at least two of these updates are very relevant and can make some functionalities of the page be affected. There are also updates to the plugins, which are more difficult to predict and also have an important role for the perfect functioning of the entire system.

What a specialist does is the compatibility analysis between the codes of the WordPress platform, the plugins and the template, ensuring that everything works perfectly.


Every Web system needs a backup plan, according to the needs of the client. A Web with a lot of content insertion can request a copy every day. Systems with little update will not need as much frequency.

The backup includes, above all, the MySQL database , which is where all the content information (texts, links, users, emails, news, entries, etc.) and configurations are stored. of the theme and the plugins. The copy of all the content (template, files) is also necessary regularly.

Security against attacks

Security depends on several factors. Among them are the updates and constant monitoring . Being proactive to surveillance is a key element so that your website does not suffer attacks.


Scheduled reports on relevant information of your Web system. Number of new users, online sales reports on websites with online stores, etc.