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Discovering Senegal through photographs

February 15th, 2023

It’s been almost 3 years now. The global pandemic of Covid19 has made the year of 2020 pass quickly for most people. But what matters here is to tell you that as soon as 2020 began I was invited to participate in a project of the NGO MAD Africa to go to Senegal to do a photographic report. I couldn’t be happier. We spent almost 20 days there and the experiences were memorable.

As soon as we returned to Spain, leaving Dakar and entering Barajas, we already saw a number of people with masks never seen before by any of us. Well, the rest we all know and that’s history. Below is the text from MAD Africa about the trip and the roll ups of the two exhibitions that we managed to get from the trip. Soon I will show you some photos.

” Many years ago MAD Africa discovered the strength, beauty and contrasts of Senegal. Since then, our desire to know, understand and reflect on the realities of this West African country, as well as to show it to the people around us, has only increased. There were 10 Intercultural Meetings. Exchanges between here and there, where knowledge, learning, weather, sounds, aromas, flavors, cultures, traditions, languages have been shared… We have put on other shoes and left our comfort zone.

All this has helped us to look at the world with different glasses. No one comes back the same from Senegal. Through this exhibition we want more people to discover a little about Senegal, the strength of its people and their ability to overcome difficulties. We will do it through the photographs of Paulo Ramalho and the documentary by Blanca Reina, who have accompanied us during the stay of MAD Africa through Senegalese lands in 2019 and 2020.”

– MAD África –

The two roll ups that present the two exhibitions, one in black and white and another in full color photos .