"N'Gri Gri", promotional video | PAULO RAMALHO Photography


“N’Gri Gri”, promotional video

June 5th, 2015

No, I do not want to be a videographer (at least by the moment), but I could not stop saying yes to this straight. Make a video for my beloved Silvia Roldán from her African music and dance group N’Gri Gri. I went with a D600 (thanks Gabriel Navas) and some equipment for the American Garden in Seville. Time and light scarce, few planes but with the help of my friend Sergio Flores we managed to mount a video with good times.

Thanks also to Victor Gracia for the photos of Making Of. Pretty experience.

Camera and direction – Paulo Ramalho
Editing – Sergio Flores
Photos Making Of – Victor Gracia