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One Pack & Fellows Band Video

August 10th, 2018

The world of motion photography seems to be chasing me. In the past I have worked in the artistic and photographic direction for the production of some promotional videos for companies, but I cannot deny that experience with recording them is not my main line of work.

For me as a photographer, it is a marvel to have all the resources, for me already known, of a SLR that in addition to having a magnificent sensor for photography can record videos of acceptable quality for the market. At the call of my colleague Raúl Arteaga, I went to the Malandar room last Thursday, November 11 to be his camera assistant in the promotional video for the Funk band One Pack & Fellows. A pleasure to be able to record musicians with so much groove and talent and also a pleasure to work with Raúl and his team, thank you all. The images on the left side of the stage are mine, I leave you with the concert teaser.